Nobody beats Mama’s cooking, but Africa is a little far to travel just to get some Fufu food!  Recreate the tastes and smells of traditional African cuisine with our authentic ingredients direct from Nigeria, Ghana and many other countries in Africa and Europe. Delivered direct to your door, you don’t have to wait until someone travels home to get your favourite bitter leaf, ogbonno, cassava fufu or soup seasonings.


1For us, retailing is about more than quality products and great service. It’s also about supporting and helping the communities where we work, and being a good neighbour.

Food Items

2We are specialist in African foods offering best value, quality and very cheap Retail and Wholesale prices.We provide our customers with quality products, recipes and much more.


3Continental food items freshly supplied and over 10years in the business. With 90% of our products sold in our outlets directly from the manufacturer hence our competitive prices!

Hair Products

4Newcastle’s largest and most trusted ethnic lifestyle specialist brings you the best in hair products for African hair, natural hair and curly hair such as Dark & lovely and kings & queens.